Personal Boat Shopper, the new comprehensive service of Marina Estrella

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The “Personal Boat Shopper” service is here, and it will allow Marina Estrella’s  customers to leave 100% of the search process for their next boat in the hands of their professional team, whether it is for purchase or for rent.

This support is born from the commitment of the nautical company to seek new options that allow its clients to obtain a personalized and quality service.

With the “Personal Boat Shopper” service, the experienced Marina Estrella commercial advisers and their legal, financial and technical teams will offer a comprehensive service that includes the search, selection, evaluation and negotiation of the new, used or rental boat that is being sought.

For this, the professionals of Marina Estrella will arrange a face-to-face or virtual appointment with the client to understand their navigation needs and identify the type and class of boat that best suits their needs.

Once the team has a clear vision of what the customer is looking for, the nautical experts will offer a number of options tailored to their budget, sailing programme, maintenance plan and performance.

In addition, in the case of a brokerage vessel that is not owned by Marina Estrella, they will be in charge of personally communicating with the seller of the vessel or the external broker in charge of its promotion, schedule a visit to evaluate the vessel, comply with the documentation requirements and ensure that that the customer gets the best possible price.

The new Marina Estrella service is considered an ideal option to forget worries by trusting a team with more than 40 years of experience in the nautical sector.