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Minorchino is the third generation of the traditional and emblematic Menorquín, which became popular years ago for its personal and individual character, as well as for its design, navigability and habitability, which updated the traditional boats that were born in the Balearic Islands. In the past decade they had a remarkable success, reaching about 100 units a year and distributed throughout Europe and the United States.

Sasga Yachts, owned by the Sastre family, has invested in a new shipyard in Sant Lluís (Menorca), which has modern production facilities, and is currently the only one operating in the Balearic Islands.

Maintaining its inspiration in the traditional Menorcan llaüts, Sasga Yachts, with the support of the Barracuda Yacht design studio of Iñigo Toledo, developed a first model, the Minorchino 42, followed by the 54 and 34 models. All the new models incorporate the best technological advances and have a greater habitability, thanks to the complete redesign of its stern with respect to the previous generation of the Menorquín, in addition to a complete equipment.