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The first yacht produced by this prestigious brand was Swan 36, a yacht that introduced innovations in its build. Some of this innovations were the usage of crystal fiber in its hull and the rudder completely aft. The result was a ship which components and security gave it more stability in its direction, but with less weight and a bigger lifespan. It was a ship that started the beginning of one of the more prestigious shipyards worldwide. This yachts have the latest in luxury and quality in the sailing world with the biggest respect to its founder motto - "the very best".

Since 1998 Mr. Leonardo Ferragamo has controlled and managed Nautor Swan. This management has evolved the brand to keep impulsing a whirl of innovation and changes that put Swan yachts to the vanguard in the sailing world.

Nowadays, Nautor Swan with 50 years of history, is the leader company in the yacht world. Nautor Swan is recognized worldwide as the producer of the best luxury yachts, capable of offering the perfect equilibrium between style and performance.

Swan has been recognized as the most elegant and secure yachts in the world.

The value of Swan is in the heritage, craftsmanship, excellence and experience, from the design process to the production with first quality materials.