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The Big Bang is called HANSE 291. This boat was a great offer, as loud as a big explosion. It was in the summer of 1993. A whole shipyard in Greifswald was unemployed. Meanwhile, in Sweden there was a builder who owns the rights over the "Aphrodite 291 ". Carl Baier, the builder, sold it to Michael Schmidt.

That's where everything started. It reactivated the shipyard together with the Swedish boat builder Bent Elgaard. After four weeks, the HANSE 291 was presented in the "hanseboot" as an indisputable offer. A giant hammer was hung over the yacht to make it clear that there was something really special about the fair. The HANSE 291 offered the basic functions of a sailing yacht: good sails, auxiliary engine, cabins, pantry, toilet with manual pump. With this, it was right in the center of the heart of lovers of nautical sports. Michael Schmidt signed 30 contracts.