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The full rangeof models from Hanse:

The big bang of Hanse`s history was the HANSE 291. This boat was an unbeatable offer which caused great fuss and excitement comparable to that of a big bang. That was in the summer of 1993. All workers of the old shipyard in Greifswald were unemployed and coincidentally in Sweden, Karl Baier, the builder and owner of all of the rights to the “Aphrodite 291” was willing to sell and Michael Schmidt bought the tooling and name.

Now it was time to take the chance: the shipyard together with the Swedish boat builder Bent Elgaard was ready to take-off. After four weeks of taking up the work in Greifswald, the HANSE 291 was exhibited at the “hanseboot” as a best buy offer of only 44.444 Deutsche Mark. There was symbolically a big hammer hanging above the yacht so that obviously there was something special going on at this exhibition booth. The HANSE 291 offered all the basics of a sailing boat: good sailing features, auxiliary engine, bunks, pantry, and pump toilet. Being so well equipped for the price, the boat gripped the hearts of sailors and Michael Schmidt drew up thirty contracts at the show.

This was the beginning for this brand that now has a wide range of yachts: 315, 345, 385, 415, 445, 545, 505, 575 & 630e.