Marina Estrella


To provide more ways to finance your boat, Marina Estrella has developed a strategic alliance with CGI Finance, a branch of Société Générale, who can offer both mortgage and leasing arrangements.

CGI Finance is a Group Société Générale company and is a world leader in marine leasing. This gives our clients the possibility of financing their boats by means of a down payment of between 30% and 50% and a lease term of between four and twelve years. On top of this, a French leasing scheme means you can save 50% of the French VAT rate of 19.6%. In this way, the lessee is able to pay just 9.8% VAT (IVA) on the vessel when it is bought in France. This avoids the need to register and invoice in Spain and conforms fully with current legislation.

It is also possible to set up a lease via a company whose purpose is to own and use the boat and thereby recover the VAT which corresponds to this activity. In this way, it is also possible to enjoy personal use of the boat- provided the matriculation tax is paid on boats over 8 metres in length.

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